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New release for ELENA Server and ELENA Web Client

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

September 6, 2016

ELENA has reached the release No. 01.400.01.00, bringing you something new both for the Server and the Web Client module.

We would like to focus on the new ELENA CX plugin: according to the new CADWORX version, ELENA CX plugin has been updated and made suitable with this new version.

Configuration files ar easier to compile for the user and have mappings enhancements (DataBolted, DataFemale and ValveOperators sheet).

Here below an example of the new mapping:

Moreover, a new optional mapping sheet has been added, in order to give to the user the possibility to enable or  disable some warnings: in this way he/she can ignore the unblocking warnings (in a different way ELENA  would report these warnings).

An example of these warnings are the ones related to the dimensional catalogue, that were introduced in ELENA 01.400.00.00 version.
For more detail about the new mapping sheet, see the image below:

Finally, in case of Elena Direct library use (to launch ELENA directly from PUMA), it has been added a mode with specific features on the server, that enables the elaboration to ignore the presence of a specific project code both in permisisons an builder configuration files, using in the mapping the placeholder “__BYPASS__”, instead of the project code.

In the image below is shown the new workflow:

The user can also use the login function whitout authenticating on the Active Directory. This feature is configurable. For more detail see the What’s new documentation, which is available on our support portal.

CLA at “Planning Oil&Gas plants” university master

Friday, December 4th, 2015

The second level university master, “Planning Oil&Gas plants“, has become a pleasant tradition for CLA. The master is promoted by ENI, Tecnomare and ENI corporate university and it is held at Bologna university.

As every year, last week CLA dressed as professor to teach students the “Work flow & tools for Piping Management”. First of all the basic concepts of a piping class were explained, then the components were reviewed in detail (pipes, flanges, type of fittings, valves, gaskets, bolts, type of materials, etc.). This introduction allowed the presentation of our Puma5 (SPC PUMA) and ELENA software and the interaction of both applications to manage ENI’s projects in the piping management and the subsequent generation of the component catalogue.
Many jobs examples were analyzed and this raised interesting questions among the students attending.

Looking forward to seeing you again next year in Bologna!

New release for ELENA Server and ELENA Web Client

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

ELENA has reached the release No. 01.400.00.00, bringing you something new both for the Server and the Web Client module.

For ELENA server, we would like to focus on the new Formula Interpreter, an implementation that is available for all the plugins. The Formula Interpreter gives you the possibility of executing formulas on the input files and on the files generated in output. It is an expression interpreter that can be configured and used whenever mathematical calculations need to be done, values need to be added or modified in columns of the input and output files and operations need to be carried out on strings. To use the Interpreter, a new configuration file must be set,  rule_formulas.xml, which is valid for all plugins.

Formulas applied on input files can add new columns to input records at runtime; while formulas applied on output files cannot add new columns but only set or modify values in columns which have already been defined in the cata_headers.xml and spec_headers.xml configuration files.

It is available for download from our support portal a detailed document with examples, operators, functions and constants list that can be used for the MATH instruction.

In ELENA Web Client a new panel has been added to the Builder page; here the following information can be read:

  • user that has executed the Builder
  • processing time
  • result of the processing
  • comments entered by the user relating to the execution
  • configuration sets
  • input files
  • execution mode of the Builder

The implementation of this new function implied some modifications: the new “Output” tab has been added in the Builder page. Here a table shows the history of Builder launches with relevant information. A text box has been created to allow User to insert comments relating to the elaboration launch. Due to this, the creation logic of the history packets (zip files) of the configurations and the inputs has been varied: now the content of the history packet refers to the latest files loaded.

This new function can be enabled only on new projects by setting a parameter as described in the “Modifications to the configuration files” paragraph of the document available on our support portal.

ELENA Server and Web Client: a new release!

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

A new release has just been made available both for ELENA Server (version 01.300.03.01) and ELENA Web client (version
First of all we would like to introduce you to a new image welcoming users on the homepage:

Now ELENA features and capabilities are shown more in detail, also demonstrating how the software has been growing during the latest months.

Speaking of more technical issues, a couple of modifications have been done to the Catalogue page that we would like to share with you here. The first one affects the download of the configuration of the dimensional catalogue and it’s a bug fixing: now the MainCata.db file has been made independent from the other downloaded files, being not a configuration file.

On this same page, the Difference panel may or may not be displayed to the user: if the current project is not associated with ELENA Dimensional Catalogue plugin but dimensional data arrive from csv files, the Difference panel is made invisible so to avoid errors during tables loading. The ‘difference’ command, in fact, operates on data of the dimensional tables, but these tables do not exist if the DC module is missing.

Many implementations have been made also on the Server side: the bug fixing list can be found in the “What’s new” document available for download on the support portal of our website (, so let’s focus on a new feature added in this release. The implementation affects the PM plugin (Aveva PDMS): now it is possible to map the “CATREF” without producing the dimensional catalogue. Thanks to a new mapping file and to an extra parameter, users can map the CATREFs of an existing PDMS dimensional catalogue as an alternative to the generation of the dimensional catalogue.

Log into the support portal and download the complete documentation regarding this latest release!

A new ELENA server release is available

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

The latest release of ELENA server (01.300.03.00) has just been published. As usual, we introduce here the main changes, leaving the full list of modifications, bug fixing and improvements to the “What’s new” file, ready to be downloaded by logging into our support portal.

ELENA has increased once again its compatibility with CAD applications and it is now able to manage operators of valve types, thanks to new columns added into the Templates sheet. This now makes the BO plugin of ELENA fully compatible with AutoPlant and OpenPlant.

Speaking of the BO plugin, if you had problems downloading the PipingMaterialsClassData.csv file with the other input files, do not worry any more: the file is now included in the .zip file downloadable from the Builder.

As for the Builder, in the SP plugin, new parameters have been added for its configuration:

As you can see from the screenshot, you can now decide whether to use the string format to assign thickness values; also, you are asked to set the separator value as the one used in the template header columns.

You will also notice an overall improvement of the “match” method performance (esp. if you are used to set many parameters – green columns), thanks to a newly added cache.

ELENA Server (1.3.2) and Web Client (1.1.2) release

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Here is a brief introduction to some new features included in the latest release of ELENA, regarding both the “Elena server” (1.3.2) and the “Elena web client” (1.1.2) – as usual, the full list is available for download by logging into our Support Portal.

(release 1.3.2)

A new CSV input file has been added; it allows a correct management of the “HalfCoupling” type objects. For each object an expansion will be carried out, so that all the possible “Pipe” diameters of a piping class are included.

Also a new cache has been added into the Builder and MixIn Logic in order to store methods calls. This lets the User improve the cache efficiency from 10% to 30%, through the increase of the repetitions of instructions into the same section.

(release 1.1.2)

As for the Web Client, some new options are now available for those Users having the “Catalogue_Admin” permission. First of all, they can delete the BerkleyDB file, containing the catalogue data, by accessing the “Delete” panel of the “Catalogue” page. In the same panel, these Users can also delete some specific tables from the working folder without deleting them from the “BerkleyDB” by clicking the “RemoveTables” button.

A new feature applies to the log files: log files relating to previous executions can be downloaded from the “Logs” panel of the “Catalogue Page”. The date of the log is filtered by a selection combo: by clicking the “Download” button a .zip file is provided both in text and in XML formats.

Finally, a check on the remaining available licenses has been inserted within the Web Interface also during the “build” launch. This feature allows a project, which is engaged and executed, to occupy only one license instead of two.

Log on our Web portal and discover the full list of news for this release!

Looking forward to your feedback.

New Elena Update: check what’s new!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

A new release of Elena has just been published! Keep on reading to find out what’s new with the software or log on to our Support Portal ( ) and download the full version of the document.

The following modifications apply to the Web Client (Patch Situation 1.1.1) and to the Server (Patch Situation 1.3.1).

Patch Situation 1.1.1

Besides some improvements to the visualization of the interface (the last uploaded file is now the first to be shown in the combo boxes; “Help” page updated; the ‘ClosePanel’ button added into the subform of the specifications filter), an automatic update of the combo boxes has been activated upon deleting old output files.

And some bug fixing: in the Dimensional Catalogue tables the selection is now performed correctly on the filter subset.

Patch Situation 1.3.1

As for the modifications done to the server, the “DataFile.tbl” is now available among the downloadable configuration files list of the CadWorx module; while, for all modules, projects having the “_” and “-” characters within their names are now supported.

With this new release, during the execution of the “Build” process, the folder including the dimensional tables which have not been compiled (“CataNotFound”) is emptied from previous contents so that User will find only those files to be compiled related to the last processing.

There are a few more improvements and bug fixing to write about but we’ll leave it at our technical library ( )