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Sumo5 – new update

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Release 2.0 patch 2 build 0

A new release of SUMO5 has been published. Some new features are briefly listed below; the full list of changes is available in the “What’s new” file, which can be downloaded from our support portal.

In this article we choose to introduce you to 4 main topics of the latest What’s New:

-       Take-off history – restore

-       Take-off history – grouping

-       Drawing sub detail – new fields

-       Measure of component cut calculated by a formula

Both dealing with the Material Take-Off, the first topic regards a new function added to restore a previous take-off version; users can now choose a version to be restored among those already existing into the take-off history.

The second new feature gives the possibility to group two or more historical take-off revisions; this function allows grouping the same components in order to calculate the maximum quantity among those belonging to the selected revisions.

This new revision, created with the grouping function, can be used when comparing documents.

Another new feature we would like you to know about regards the Drawing sub detail section. In particular, two new fields (“Measure A” and “Measure B”) have been added to let users insert the size of the two sides of the components of plate type. In order to make these measures standard, the “A” and “B” combinations can be entered into the “Base component measures” table.

Still in this section, the “formula” and “note” fields have been added; users can now calculate the quantity related to the base components by filling in the “formula” field (simply follow the same rules used for the formula calculating the quantities of the drawings components).

Moreover, a check function has been introduced into the menu to validate the formulas of the Drawing sub detail section.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at our website or log into our support portal.

Puma5: new update!

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Release 2.5 patch 8 build 0

CLA released a bunch of improvements to Puma5 software last Thursday, 11th April 2013; keep on reading to find out what’s new with the software or log on to our Support Portal to download the technical specification.
These last changes refer to 4 main topics:
  • Composer and component catalogue
  • bug fixing
  • export to Elena
  • Material Requisition.
Composer and component catalogue

First of all, two new “composer sequence number (decimal)” and “composer sequence number (hexadecimal)” fields have been added to represent the “mark” code. These values are progressive number, independent from the project code, associated with each component when using the “component catalog upgrading” function.
Furthermore, Users can now select a new type of report, thanks to the “report type” control. These are the kind of reports you can choose from:
  • Type 1 (the report already existing in Puma5): data are grouped according to the operation type and to the piping class; they are organized per revision.
  • Type 2 (the new default report): data are grouped according to the piping class and they are organized per revision and operation type.
Bug fixing
The first problem solved is the error that would come up if, during the insertion of a counting, the selected line had no piping class code.
The other bug regarded the warning alerting Users about the corrosion thicknesses; it read: “There are 0 missing thicknesses into ‘corrosion allowance by project’ table”.

Export to Elena
Two modifications have been made to the data export to Elena:
  • the “BranchesTables.csv” file has been renamed into “PipeBranch.csv”
  • the total number of holes can now be exported.
Material requisition
The ‘Old’ field has been added to the form to show whether a component is not valid (‘Old’) for all the piping classes it belongs to.
Two new confirmation windows have been created to execute the delete functions. These new elements allow Users to differentiate the permissions to use the main form from the permissions of the two delete functions. When the installation is complete, permissions can be set on these two sheets:
  • “Projects – Material requisitions – Print / Delete – RDAD_Form – RDAD_delMR”
  • “Projects – Material requisitions – Print / Delete – RDAD_Form – RDAD_delRev”.
Did you find this useful? We are waiting for your feedback and… stay updated!

Our experience at the OMC 2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

RAVENNA, 20th – 22nd March 2013

Did you spot us at the OMC 2013?

The 11th edition of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition, a  two-year event that represents the most important meeting opportunity for worldwide Oil&Gas operators, ended last Friday in Ravenna, the third Oil&Gas global district.

In this three-day conference 120 speakers and 566 companies coming from more than 30 different countries played a key role, discussing the main theme “Charting a course in a changing sea”, a topic that symbolizes the ever growing effort to find new green technologies and to contribute to the developement of the hosting areas.

13.400 visitors: a number that shows the hugeness and the importance of this event, labelling the OMC as one of the best chances to meet the worldwide Oil&Gas companies, to find cooperations and to influence the demand&supply curve trend of this market.

Innocenzo Titone, the OMC managing director, said: “These numbers confirm that the OMC has become the heart of Mediterranean, an important crossroads for the Oil&Gas operators also thanks to the partecipation of producers not only of the Mare Nostrum, such as Algeria, Egypth and Lybia, but also coming from Sub-Saharian Africa and the Middle East (Eni, Edison, Total, Shell, Sonatrach, Egpc, Egas, Noc, Crosco, Ina, Qatar Petroleum)”. (AGI, 22/03/2013)

This exhibition has proved to be essential because it gave us the opportunity to meet our customers and competitors in Ravenna, and to introduce CLA to new companies operating in this market in order to expand our activities locally and abroad. It also offered us the chance to meet and discuss face to face with our consolidated clients in order to plan together the next steps in the development of new projects.

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A new ELENA release is ready!

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Release 1.1.0 /2/22/2013

A new release of Elena has been published on February 22, 2013. Have you already logged into our support portal? The cd-rom with “What’s new” docs is ready for download, with the full list of changes of this new release; if not, here are the results of our engineers’ latest efforts. We proudly present the new features added to ELENA Web Client, making it easier to use.

First of all, there is a new “Dimensional Catalogue” page: here Dimensional Data can be elaborated by using five brand new tabs linked to five new commands (Set, Get, Difference, Template and Delete). All of them return a “log” of previous operations downloadable at the end of each procedure.

A new tab has also been created to improve the configuration management, with a set of new controls that allow the download, cancellation and restore of the backup.
Besides a bunch of new functions, there are also many improvements carried out on existing parts of the Web Client, following the requests of our Customers.

These are the three most important changes made to ELENA Web Client.
Firstly, you can now download the previous Configurations and Input files using the new function added within the Builder Page. Here you can also compare differences between previous catalogue databases thanks to a new “Difference” panel.

Lastly, a direct link to the Catalogue Page has been included into the Dimensional Table Panel.

If you would like to have more information, download the following files:

What’s New Web ( The latest features of ELENA Web Client)

What’s New Web (EN)

What’s New (The latest features of ELENA Application Server)

What’s New (EN)

We hope you will enjoy these updates; for more information get in touch…. get “social” with us!

Ready for the OMC 2013?

Monday, February 25th, 2013

OMC 2013,the 11th Offshore Mediterranean Conference and exhibition.

It’s a pleasure for us to announce that we will be attending the OMC 2013, the 11th Offshore Mediterranean Conference and exhibition, taking place from the 20th to the 22nd March, 2013 in Ravenna.

OMC is an international recognized event devoted to the onshore and offshore exploration activities and it represents the main meeting opportunity for the Mediterranean Oil&Gas Market.

The potential of the Mediterranean Area versus new rules and regulations being implemented by EU, the growing relevance of the social responsibility of the industry, the impact of the new technologies on the energy market evolution, will be the main themes discussed.

It is for us the best opportunity to communicate who we are, what we do and how we operate into the onshore and offshore markets and it represents also a unique possibility to show the latest developments of our software applied to the oil & gas projects, across the entire E&P chain, from exploration to production.

1,203 delegates

240 papers received from 22 countries

12 official delegations (Algeria, Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mali, Norway, Qatar, Turkey and Turkmenistan)

10,483 visitors from 38 countries

18,320 square meters of exhibiting area including: 6 conference rooms dedicated areas for posters sessions workshops

Youth Corner to host meetings between students and Oil & Gas Companies

469 exhibiting companies from 25 countries

1,200 square meters of outdoor exhibition space.

Furthermore CLA will take part to the B2B event, a face-to-face meeting between CLA and other OMC exhibitors, giving our company the opportunity to find potential partners within the Oil&Gas market.

If you are an exhibitor and you would like to meet us, select our name from the online catalogue and submit a meeting request ( )

Come and visit us at pavillon 4 stand F22!

You can download the full floorplan here.

If you are interested in meeting us, please download the INVITATION TICKET here which allows you to enter the exhibition free of charge.

Looking forward to see you.