About Us

Computer Line Associates

The Ideal Partner for EPC Companies

Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative software solutions and services to EPC Contractors and Owner Operators who operate the world's infrastructure; our success has been built on long term relationships with our customers, giving us the capability to understand the Companies we work with and to ensure that our products development strategy satisfies our customers' changing needs.

The markets we serve

The markets we serve

Our technology

Originally rooted in Material Management, our technology has grown drastically together with the Company and we are now able to offer a complete solution for all the engineering disciplines. Our sole focus is to provide technology that boosts the productivity of our customers and of their business as well. CLA has a consolidated history of developing innovative solutions: our technology has been chosen by the main leading companies in the Oil & Gas, Power, Pharma and Marine industries.


Our modular architecture with its intuitive interface ensures smooth links between external applications and CLA's software. Our software can be easily configured by the users or, upon client's request, CLA can create new software components to suit specific needs. Such modules include links to 3D model applications, material management systems, document management systems, calculation programs and ERP systems.

Supporting our customers

Users and CLA have a strong relationship: whenever in need, users can count on CLA's Support team, helping them out with any possible requests, spanning from the use of software to training needs.
Thanks to the engineering background and to the deep knowledge of project design, all support team members can manage and coordinate training courses and trouble-shooting services, but they can also detect users' special application needs and revert to developers for any module customization.

Cloud computing

There are many different definitions of what cloud computing is: the definition that fits the service we provide is "Infrastructure as a Service" (or "IaaS"), which is a way of delivering Cloud Computing infrastructure - servers, storage, network, operating systems and our Software - as an on demand service. Rather than purchasing servers, operating system, datacenter space or network equipment, clients buy those resources as a fully outsourced service on demand, instead; our software will be installed and kept updated by our infrastructure engineers.