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Bycla_admin Sep 27, 2018

Puma5 release No. 02.910.06.00 – what’s new?

Actually, there are a few nice new features you will be interested in. Let’s start with the Piping Class module and with a new procedure taking...

Bycla_admin May 18, 2018

Puma5 version 2.91 patch 5 now available

The version 2.91 patch 5 (02.910.05.00) of our Puma5 software brings some big news to the Piping Class and the Mechanical Checks modules. As usu...

By20_Cla_Adm_17 Dec 21, 2017

New features for TMS

Our Technical Monitoring System has now reached the release No., meaning new features and many improvements. We would like to recap...

By20_Cla_Adm_17 Nov 22, 2017

Bolts management and more in Puma5 02.910.04

A new release of our Puma5 software is now available, reaching version No. 02.910.04. The major feature we have introduced is the new manageme...