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Production of Piping classes and catalog for 3D model

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Bycla_admin Jun 16, 2021

Cosmo5, new release!

Cosmo5 has now reached the release No. 02.310.01.07 and here’s a quick recap of the latest improvements we’ve made to the software: Exclu...

Bycla_admin Aug 25, 2020

New features for Alternative Thickness and Composer

The latest version of Puma5 application (02.950.02.00.) shows some important modifications applied to the Alternative Thickness management and to...

Bycla_admin Oct 21, 2019

Puma5 upgrades to version 2.95

WARNING: this new release upgrades Puma5 from any version to 2.95; to avoid any problems during the installation, please make sure that you ask f...

Bycla_admin Jun 7, 2019

New reports and new import/export options in TMS

Many implementations have been under way since the last newsletter. Here is a quick recap of some of the new features added to our Technical Moni...