Management and control of multi-disciplinary engineering data


Spider (Engineering Data Warehouse) is an application designed for companies working in the industrial plant market (EPC Contractors and Owner Operators). One of its key capabilities is allowing multidisciplinary teams of engineers to work together during the development of the engineering activities, defining all the items involved in the project design.

According to Spider workflow, each engineering department retains full control over its key data relating to any project item. The application has a fully configurable data model and workflow, making it suitable for a wide range of projects and industries.

In general, Spider aims to manage large quantities of data in a structured and controlled way.

Project data and their flows are usually managed by using Microsoft© Office documents, causing information to be duplicated and not guaranteeing its integrity and uniqueness. Information is exchanged by emailing documents or by sharing them through the filesystem,

Spider allows Users to reset - independently and according to their own job scheme - the "dumb" documents to "smart" documents, also redefining their data model and information flow, still keeping control on them and guaranteeing their integrity and uniqueness.

Spider can organize the propagation workflow and the documents structure at project level, guaranteeing flexibility and adaptability to the project requirements. The company's emailing system is integrated, too, and thanks to an internal messaging system, Users are informed about documents issuing processes and about sensitive data updates.

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