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Monthly Archive June 2017


Piping class components, diameter series and upgrade operation log

In the latest version of our Puma5 software (02.910.02.02) major enhancements have involved the piping class components form, the diameter series and the upgrade operation log.

Alternative thickness
There are now two ways to handle the generation of components having a different thickness than the piping class thickness: the first one, which is the usual way to manage it and can still be used, creates an association of the alternative thickness table with the piping class components. The new one, which is presented as the default mode, can get the value of the alternative thickness replacing the value of the piping class ‘thickness table’ (“SUBSTITUTE” option); or it can create two groups of components: one with the piping class thicknesses and the other with the alternative thicknesses (“ADD” option).
The full operation procedure is explained in the “What’s new” document available in our support website.

In the ‘alternative thickness by size’ section a new warning alerts the user in case thicknesses that do not belong to the list of thicknesses compatible with the piping class ‘base material’ are inserted.
All data of the ‘alternative thickness by size’ section of the piping class components are now displayed in the new report named “PIPING CLASS ALTERNATIVE THICKNESSES (BY SIZE)”.

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