02.600.00.00: the latest Puma5 release has been issued


02.600.00.00: the latest Puma5 release has been issued

WARNING: this new release upgrades Puma5 from version 2.5.x to 2.6.x; to avoid any problems during the installation, please make sure that you ask for the new database license by opening a ticket on our support portal (http://support.cla-it.com/).

The main aim accomplished through this new release is the full compatibility of Windows 64-bit systems, having Office 64-bit version installed, with our Puma5 software.

As usual, we took the chance to add a few new implementations, such as a new “Surplus table/type copy” menu item within the “Projects/Tables” menu category, giving users the chance to copy the tables of the ‘Surplus tables’ and ‘Surplus types’ contexts in just one operation.


Some new automatisms in the Dimensional Catalog Export and the ‘Project tag code’ field of the Composer, that can now be used for creating codes and descriptions of the component catalog, have been added… hoping to make your job a little bit easier!

Log into our support portal to get the full list of implementations and changes: http://support.cla-it.com/

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