Cosmo5 1.6.0 Released


Cosmo5 1.6.0 Released

A new release of Cosmo5 has been released on Friday 19th of February, here below you can find a brief list of the new features, at CLA we hope that you will enjoy this brand new release and as usual we are awaiting for your feedback, check the full list of changes in the What’s new file included in the CD-ROM.

Many new features

New in release 1.6

  • The Sketches revision number is now visible in all of the spools sections.
  • You can now avoid having negative quantities in the stocks.
  • A new document type has been created, offsetting.
  • You can now engage forecast analysis.

Many features have been improved

Improved in release 1.6

  • A new set of warnings have been added in the event processing.
  • Better filtering during the analysis definition.
  • You can now block single components in the Sketches MTO.
  • The restore function has been improved, you can now restore a single component.

A few bugs have been fixed

Fixed in release 1.6

  • Removing the filters in the analysis now works.
  • You can now set the default folders before to save a new project.
  • Removed a wrong annotation at the bottom of the balance report.
  • The revision field in the Sketches is now correctly updated during the import.

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