ELENA Server (1.3.2) and Web Client (1.1.2) release


ELENA Server (1.3.2) and Web Client (1.1.2) release

Here is a brief introduction to some new features included in the latest release of ELENA, regarding both the “Elena server” (1.3.2) and the “Elena web client” (1.1.2) – as usual, the full list is available for download by logging into our Support Portal.

(release 1.3.2)

A new CSV input file has been added; it allows a correct management of the “HalfCoupling” type objects. For each object an expansion will be carried out, so that all the possible “Pipe” diameters of a piping class are included.

Also a new cache has been added into the Builder and MixIn Logic in order to store methods calls. This lets the User improve the cache efficiency from 10% to 30%, through the increase of the repetitions of instructions into the same section.

(release 1.1.2)

As for the Web Client, some new options are now available for those Users having the “Catalogue_Admin” permission. First of all, they can delete the BerkleyDB file, containing the catalogue data, by accessing the “Delete” panel of the “Catalogue” page. In the same panel, these Users can also delete some specific tables from the working folder without deleting them from the “BerkleyDB” by clicking the “RemoveTables” button.


A new feature applies to the log files: log files relating to previous executions can be downloaded from the “Logs” panel of the “Catalogue Page”. The date of the log is filtered by a selection combo: by clicking the “Download” button a .zip file is provided both in text and in XML formats.


Finally, a check on the remaining available licenses has been inserted within the Web Interface also during the “build” launch. This feature allows a project, which is engaged and executed, to occupy only one license instead of two.

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