ELENA Server and Web Client: a new release!


ELENA Server and Web Client: a new release!

A new release has just been made available both for ELENA Server (version 01.300.03.01) and ELENA Web client (version
First of all we would like to introduce you to a new image welcoming users on the homepage:

Now ELENA features and capabilities are shown more in detail, also demonstrating how the software has been growing during the latest months.

Speaking of more technical issues, a couple of modifications have been done to the Catalogue page that we would like to share with you here. The first one affects the download of the configuration of the dimensional catalogue and it’s a bug fixing: now the MainCata.db file has been made independent from the other downloaded files, being not a configuration file.

On this same page, the Difference panel may or may not be displayed to the user: if the current project is not associated with ELENA Dimensional Catalogue plugin but dimensional data arrive from csv files, the Difference panel is made invisible so to avoid errors during tables loading. The ‘difference’ command, in fact, operates on data of the dimensional tables, but these tables do not exist if the DC module is missing.

Many implementations have been made also on the Server side: the bug fixing list can be found in the “What’s new” document available for download on the support portal of our website (http://support.cla-it.com/), so let’s focus on a new feature added in this release. The implementation affects the PM plugin (Aveva PDMS): now it is possible to map the “CATREF” without producing the dimensional catalogue. Thanks to a new mapping file and to an extra parameter, users can map the CATREFs of an existing PDMS dimensional catalogue as an alternative to the generation of the dimensional catalogue.

Log into the support portal and download the complete documentation regarding this latest release!

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