Meet Spider ‘Reverse’


Meet Spider ‘Reverse’

Spider Reverse is the core of the news for the latest release of Spider, belonging to #Plant version
Starting from a configuration already existing, Spider Reverse allows the automatic generation of configuration files; this function is particularly useful when important modifications need to be applied to the configuration, without using the interactive functions of Spider Configurator.


The whole process for the massive modification of the configuration is performed in three steps:

  • execution of the “reverse” of Spider current configuration to extract Excel configuration files;
  • modification of the files generated at the previous step;
  • loading of modified configuration files, by using the “Loader” function.

Data requested to perform this process are only two: the path to the directory where the ‘Reverse’ folder is located (the configuration files are generated and saved here) and the colour palette to be used for the template colouring (each type of cell will have its own colour).
For more details on Spider Reverse, please check our documentation available for download in our support portal.


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