A new ELENA release is ready!


A new ELENA release is ready!

Release 1.1.0 /2/22/2013

A new release of Elena has been published on February 22, 2013. Have you already logged into our support portal? The cd-rom with “What’s new” docs is ready for download, with the full list of changes of this new release; if not, here are the results of our engineers’ latest efforts. We proudly present the new features added to ELENA Web Client, making it easier to use.

First of all, there is a new “Dimensional Catalogue” page: here Dimensional Data can be elaborated by using five brand new tabs linked to five new commands (Set, Get, Difference, Template and Delete). All of them return a “log” of previous operations downloadable at the end of each procedure.

A new tab has also been created to improve the configuration management, with a set of new controls that allow the download, cancellation and restore of the backup.
Besides a bunch of new functions, there are also many improvements carried out on existing parts of the Web Client, following the requests of our Customers.

These are the three most important changes made to ELENA Web Client.
Firstly, you can now download the previous Configurations and Input files using the new function added within the Builder Page. Here you can also compare differences between previous catalogue databases thanks to a new “Difference” panel.

Lastly, a direct link to the Catalogue Page has been included into the Dimensional Table Panel.

If you would like to have more information, download the following files:

What’s New Web ( The latest features of ELENA Web Client)

What’s New Web (EN)

What’s New (The latest features of ELENA Application Server)

What’s New (EN)

We hope you will enjoy these updates; for more information get in touch…. get “social” with us!


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