A new ELENA server release is available


A new ELENA server release is available

The latest release of ELENA server (01.300.03.00) has just been published. As usual, we introduce here the main changes, leaving the full list of modifications, bug fixing and improvements to the “What’s new” file, ready to be downloaded by logging into our support portal.
ELENA has increased once again its compatibility with CAD applications and it is now able to manage operators of valve types, thanks to new columns added into the Templates sheet. This now makes the BO plugin of ELENA fully compatible with AutoPlant and OpenPlant.

Speaking of the BO plugin, if you had problems downloading the PipingMaterialsClassData.csv file with the other input files, do not worry any more: the file is now included in the .zip file downloadable from the Builder.


As for the Builder, in the SP plugin, new parameters have been added for its configuration:





As you can see from the screenshot, you can now decide whether to use the string format to assign thickness values; also, you are asked to set the separator value as the one used in the template header columns.


You will also notice an overall improvement of the “match” method performance (esp. if you are used to set many parameters – green columns), thanks to a newly added cache.

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