New Elena Update: check what’s new!


New Elena Update: check what’s new!

A new release of Elena has just been published! Keep on reading to find out what’s new with the software or log on to our Support Portal ( ) and download the full version of the document.

The following modifications apply to the Web Client (Patch Situation 1.1.1) and to the Server (Patch Situation 1.3.1).

Patch Situation 1.1.1

Besides some improvements to the visualization of the interface (the last uploaded file is now the first to be shown in the combo boxes; “Help” page updated; the ‘ClosePanel’ button added into the subform of the specifications filter), an automatic update of the combo boxes has been activated upon deleting old output files.


And some bug fixing: in the Dimensional Catalogue tables the selection is now performed correctly on the filter subset.

Patch Situation 1.3.1

As for the modifications done to the server, the “DataFile.tbl” is now available among the downloadable configuration files list of the CadWorx module; while, for all modules, projects having the “_” and “-” characters within their names are now supported.

With this new release, during the execution of the “Build” process, the folder including the dimensional tables which have not been compiled (“CataNotFound”) is emptied from previous contents so that User will find only those files to be compiled related to the last processing.

There are a few more improvements and bug fixing to write about but we’ll leave it at our technical library ( )

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