New features for TMS


New features for TMS

Our Technical Monitoring System has now reached the release No., meaning new features and many improvements. We would like to recap a few of them here.
New options have been added in the “Quantity Production Chart” report: it is now possible to represent a specific time window in the Data Table; also, you can make the Chart start after an “X” number of periods following its actual beginning.

A new command – “Get Missing Dates from P6” – has been added into the “Work Class Progress” context: it allows to retrieve the Actual dates of each Deliverable automatically from Primavera but it also prevents the manual input of Actual dates in case the progress cumulated at the date of each deliverable is inserted massively (for the first time). This new command and the existing “Get Missing Progress from P6″ command guarantee a complete reconstruction of the history, which has not been archived yet, in coherence with the Schedule.

Not only fresh stuff, but also improvement of the existing lot…
A better readability has been given to the “OTP Report“: two separate columns now show the “Milestone Status Index” calculation and the “OTP Index” calculation.

The algorithm calculating the automatic distribution of the Progress Actual between two non-consecutive Updates has been improved, making it homogeneous in all “Import Schedule Data” contexts (Import XML and Import XLS, both for Primavera and MS Project).
Last but not least, the “Out of Range” dates check, performed during the Import Schedule Data phase, has been improved with the specific indication of the activities involved in the “Inconsistency Check” report.
For a complete overview and all the technical details, log in our Customer Care portal and download the latest What’s New document.

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