New Puma5 release (02.500.09.00)


New Puma5 release (02.500.09.00)

A new Puma5 release (02.500.09.00) has just been published with new features and some bug fixing; the complete list of modifications is available on our support portal, where you can download the full “What’s New” version.

This article will briefly present changes made to two main items of this issue: the “Composer setup” and the “Dimensional catalog export”.

Two new options have been added to the Composer setup: the first gives now the possibility to use values of the “mechanical code” and the “mechanical code description” fields as a description for the ‘mark’ field. With the second new option Users are given the chance to use the content of the “Equipment collection group” and of the “Equipment collection type” fields in the following contexts: Component custom description, Component custom description 2-5, Custom code 2-5, User Component Description, User componentT code.

Another important modification relates to the export of the Dimensional Catalog to Elena. In this release the function has been moved into the “dimensional catalog export” of the “dimensional catalog” module. Two settings have been created to manage the operations included in the ‘Export to Elena’ function of the ‘import/export’: “Export Elena tables” and “Elena direct”.

The first option, “Export Elena tables”, enables the export for Elena of tables which are exported to Drie; by enabling the “Elena direct” option, instead, the export will create text files directly into the default export folder of the application.
The export function has been modified as follows:

  • the exported data are related to the selected Piping Class components;
  • the ‘GasketObjects.csv’ file has been added and it lists the ‘Gasket’ objects;
  • the ‘BranchObjects.csv’ file has been added: it includes the list of the branch objects contained in the new “Branch List” table.

Moreover a new “Project/export/Branch list” form has been added, giving the chance to insert in it some particular branch objects which can be used for the export of the “BranchObjects.csv” table to Elena application.

Get the full update details by logging into our support portal and download our last Puma5 “What’s New”.

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