New release available for Welding Book


New release available for Welding Book

Welding Book has reached the release number, bringing you some brand new features. Let’s see in detail…

When a project has subcontractors, Welding Book now separates the activities regarding the different subcontractors associating them with the jobs they are assigned (that is, giving them their “work package“). For this reason, a registry has been added for each subcontractor to be filled in with all relevant information, together with the work package. A separate file can be exported for each subcontractor.


By accessing the ‘Project Setup’/’Options’ form of the single project a new field, “real sheet“, can be enabled. When active, the real sheet field indicates the precise position of the spool within the pages generated by the CAD modeler (for example, page 2), and not referring to the one-page document generated by the material management system.


Another important implementation is represented by the new import method. Welding Book used to import data from a single file, but user can now import data from different dictionaries (Material types, Joint types, Diameters, etc.) belonging to Access or Excel files.


As usual, bug fixing and minor implementations are part of this release. To find out more, log into our support portal and download the latest What’s new document.

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