New release for ELENA Server and ELENA Web Client


New release for ELENA Server and ELENA Web Client

ELENA has reached the release No. 01.400.01.00, bringing you something new both for the Server and the Web Client module.

We would like to focus on the new ELENA CX plugin: according to the new CADWORX version, ELENA CX plugin has been updated and made suitable with this new version.

Configuration files ar easier to compile for the user and have mappings enhancements (DataBolted, DataFemale and ValveOperators sheet).

Here below an example of the new mapping:


Moreover, a new optional mapping sheet has been added, in order to give to the user the possibility to enable or  disable some warnings: in this way he/she can ignore the unblocking warnings (in a different way ELENA  would report these warnings).

An example of these warnings are the ones related to the dimensional catalogue, that were introduced in ELENA 01.400.00.00 version.
For more detail about the new mapping sheet, see the image below:


Finally, in case of Elena Direct library use (to launch ELENA directly from PUMA), it has been added a mode with specific features on the server, that enables the elaboration to ignore the presence of a specific project code both in permisisons an builder configuration files, using in the mapping the placeholder “__BYPASS__”, instead of the project code.

In the image below is shown the new workflow:


The user can also use the login function whitout authenticating on the Active Directory. This feature is configurable. For more detail see the What’s new documentation, which is available on our support portal.

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