A new release of Puma5 is ready!


A new release of Puma5 is ready!

 Release 2.5 Patch 7 Build 2

A new release of Puma5 has been published on Tuesday 12th February 2013, please find below a brief list of the new features. Check the full list of changes in the “What’s new” file included in the CD-ROM, that you can download (just the Upgrade or the full CD-ROM) from our support portal: just login with your credentials and go to the download area.

Many new features

New in release 2.5 patch 7 build 2

  • Mechanical Checks Module: all the tables between editions can now be duplicated.
  • The constant value can now be used to generate material codes through the composer.
  • The “Copy” function has been added to duplicate composer forms also among different contexts.

Improved in release 2.5 patch 7 build 2

  • A lot of improvements on the composer function for codes and descriptions
  • The component catalogue views have been enhanced.
  • New warnings have been added in the Mechanical Checks module while running the internal pressure calculation

A few bugs have been fixed

Fixed in release 2.5 patch 7 build 2

  • The export of single-diameter branch components has been fixed in the PDS module.
  • A wrong visualization of components with no weight has been fixed in the component catalogue view.
CLA hopes that you will enjoy this brand new release and, as usual, we are awaiting for your feedback!
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