Progress management in Cosmo5


Progress management in Cosmo5

A new version of Cosmo5 is about to be released, the most important new feature is the addition of the prefabrication, construction and installation progress monitoring.

The new features are grouped into a new menu, Progress:


As with all applications we have done our best to not force users to use the default workflow, rather we tried to give maximum configuration flexibility.

The first configuration that has to be made are Activities, these are the minimum detail of the activities that will performed during  the different stages of the construction, an example is shown in the following screenshot:


The Activities can be used in more than a Workstep (or activities collection), the latter must be configured in the following menu:


During the configuration of Worksteps, beside listing how these activities are made, the relative weight of each activity must be given of these for a total of 100%.

In turn Workstep will be collected in the workflow, these represent the complete cycle in which the material are involved, the following example is an erection and insulation workflow, composed by 2 worksteps.

The materials (in this case the spools) will be associated with the workflow and their progress will be monitored until the end of the construction, the following form shows the assignment of the spools to the Workflow:


After all the setting are completed, the progress of individual activities will be monitored in the period established by each client, the period is usually weekly but there is no limitation in the application.

A complete reporting via a convenient report generator completes the application.


Stay tuned for updates and for the release timeline, if you have anything to say or any question to ask please leave a comment or drop us an email.

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