Puma5 2.5.0 Released


Puma5 2.5.0 Released

A new release of Puma5 is ready!

Release 2.5

A new release of Puma5 has been published on Wednesday 7th of September, please find below a brief list of the new features. CLA hopes that you will enjoy this brand new release and, as usual, we are awaiting for your feedback! Check the full list of changes in the “What’s new” file included in the CD-ROM.

You can download the Upgrade or the full CD-ROM from our support portal: just login with your credentials and go to the download area.

Before running the upgrade: remember that this is a Major release, which means that you need to ask for a new licence file: just open a ticket in the support portal requesting a new licence file and we will send it to you ASAP.

Many new features

New in release 2.5

  • Puma5 now runs on both, Office 2010 and Office XP runtimes.
  • Creating a piping class is even faster with the new component copy function.
  • You can now display an image in the Dimensional Catalog definition.

Many features have been improved

Improved in release 2.5

  • New warnings have been added for better control.
  • The piping class enhanced copy has been improved.

A few bugs have been fixed

Fixed in release 2.5

  • the Bill of material report has been revised.
  • The filter function in the Take-Off browse now behaves correctly.

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