Puma5 release No. 02.910.06.00 – what’s new?


Puma5 release No. 02.910.06.00 – what’s new?

Actually, there are a few nice new features you will be interested in. Let’s start with the Piping Class module and with a new procedure taking place at the end of the mechanical check of internal thicknesses. Up to now, you would end the process and get a report showing which thicknesses are suitable and which are not. Starting from this release – if you choose to – at the end of the check procedure, a form will be displayed allowing User to modify the unsuitable thicknesses.

Learn how to enable this function by downloading the latest What’s New document from the support portal at https://cla.freshdesk.com/support/home.
However, to prevent unsuitable thicknesses from being chosen for the project, we have also added the “thickness series”: User can select and code a subgroup of thicknesses to be used for that specific project.

In the Piping Class module, Piping class components form, a new button has been added – see below:

By clicking the “Positions” button, the form above is displayed and here User can insert different position codes for the same component, according to its diameter range. In previous releases, only one position code was allowed for one component.

There’s something new also for the fluid management: the “Class service” form has been added into the “Projects/Service List” menu category; by using this form the associations between Piping classes and Fluids can be inserted. To help you using this new feature, the “Special Service” has been added as attribute of the ‘Fluid’ table.

The last new feature we would like to share affects the Dimensional Catalogue module and DRIE: User can now choose to export files generated by the ‘Elena Direct’ option complying with the UTF-16 standard; differing from ‘ANSI’, this standard allows the display of characters of worldwide alphabets. However, the export will always be ANSI-compliant.
Learn how to enable this option and read other new features of the latest Puma5 release in the What’s New document, available for download at https://cla.freshdesk.com/support/home.

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