Puma5 upgrades to 02.700.00.00


Puma5 upgrades to 02.700.00.00

  WARNING: this new release upgrades Puma5 from version 2.6.x to 2.7.x; to avoid any problems during the installation, please make sure that you ask for the new database license by opening a ticket on our support portal (http://support.cla-it.com/).

Sections, buttons, functions, warnings… many new features have been added to the latest release of Puma5, following Customers’ requests and our developers’ wish of giving you a more flexible and helpful application.

Let’s see some of them in detail…

Category of goods assignment
The screenshot below refers to the Category of goods assignment form. The red rectangle marks the new columns giving User the chance of adding a thickness range. Data here is optional, but if you’reusing it, remember to insert dimensions in millimeters.


Design conditions

Up to now the design conditions were unique for each piping class; now, as you can see in the second screenshot, the design conditions form has been divided into two sections: “default” and “by size”.

Under the “by size” tab, design conditions can be inserted specifically for each diameter range and they will be taken into account before the default section. In fact, the default section will be used only if no data is compiled under the “by size” section.


Object – Constructions

Another screenshot, another implementation.

Have a look at the following image:


Yes, there is a new section in the “objects” form. Thanks to the “Constructions” section User can now insert those construction codes that are compatible with the object. Filling in this list of Object – Construction values will turn to be very useful when using the “Piping class components” form: the “By Obj” button has been added on the side of the “construction”  field; it narrows the list of constructions that can be inserted down to the constructions present in the “Object – Constructions” list.

As usual, there is a lot more to describe, but the full list of new features is available for download from our support portal.

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