Puma5 upgrades to version 2.9


Puma5 upgrades to version 2.9

  WARNING: this new release upgrades Puma5 from version 2.x to 2.9; to avoid any problems during the installation, please make sure that you ask for the new database license by opening a ticket on our support portal before running the upgrade (http://support.cla-it.com/).
New Material Take-off attributes, Weight management split by Vendors and a restyling of the Piping class header: this is part of the news coming from the latest release of Puma5 software by CLA. Let’s see in detail.

The new three attributes (take-off erection area, take-off module and take-off package) are created directly from the project structure menu and they are attributes at component level (i.e. each component on an isometric can have different attributes). They can be used while doing a manual input of the Take-Off level 1 and they can also be imported from DRIE (Take-Off level 1 context). These attributes are available while running the Take-Off summaries as “group by” clause and as filters.


Another big improvement regards the Weight management: now you can store the weight table series split by vendor, which guarantees that the correct weight is assigned to the objects, coming from the vendor which supplies these goods. The final result is a weight table linked to each component (with its standard), based on the vendor catalogue. This functionality can be very useful to split the weight for different projects that may have different goods suppliers.


Last but not least, the piping class header form has been revamped: the Service and Note fields can now be edited separately; the field Service has also been extended to 65.000 characters.


As usual, more details can be found by logging into our support portal (http://support.cla-it.com/).
More features are explained by following this link: https://app.box.com/s/6ltgkqivhzeo5xkst9kz2xkvs7z01o7o

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