Puma5 version 2.91 patch 5 now available


Puma5 version 2.91 patch 5 now available

The version 2.91 patch 5 (02.910.05.00) of our Puma5 software brings some big news to the Piping Class and the Mechanical Checks modules.
As usual, you will find the complete details in the What’s New document available for download from our Customer Care portal, however we give you here a glimpse of what you will find in Puma5 latest release.

Piping Class module – Piping Class form
There is a new ‘Copy’ button here and it is used to copy thickness tables among different classes belonging to the project in use (note: this can be done only among piping classes, whose associated ‘base material’ belongs to the same ‘Material subtypes (S2)’ section of the thickness dictionary).

Mechanical Checks module – General design conditions
When filling in the general tables of the ‘design conditions’, you can now insert temperature and pressure values using different units of measurement (see screenshot). This modification has been done to comply with the standards: in fact, the standards added all design conditions series in different units of measurement.

Mechanical Checks module – Mechanical test – Internal pressure
A new parameter has been added to perform the calculation of the mechanical minimum thickness, according to the ASME B31.3 standard: it is the “Weld Joint Strength Reduction Factor (W)”. This parameter can be used only for welded pipes and for specific pairs of material/construction attributes.

Mechanical Checks module – API 5L / ISO 3183
Still referring to the “ASME B.31.1 (Metallic)” and “ASME B.31.3 (Metallic)” standards, there is a different calculation method for tolerances for wall thickness relating to material/construction pairs linked to API 5L.

The modification and the operations to be performed are described in the What’s new document, as well as the technical details of all other new features; log in the Customer Care portal and read all the news!

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