Puma5 2.3.0 Released


Puma5 2.3.0 Released

A new release of Puma5 has been released on Friday 12th of March, here below you can find a brief list of the new features, at CLA we hope that you will enjoy this brand new release and as usual we are awaiting for your feedback, check the full list of changes in the What’s new file included in the CD-ROM.

Many new features

New in release 2.3

  • The PDMS Link can now export the full catalogue including dimensions.
  • The warnings can now be exported in excel so you can filter them.
  • You can now generate a custom mechanical code not related to the category of goods.
  • Puma5 is now connected to Welding Book..
  • The dimensional catalogue now exports excel files to be filled and re-imported.

Many features have been improved

Improved in release 2.3

  • You can have more bolt tables for the same standards in different projects.
  • You can now use the material ends in the category of goods assignments.
  • Added new warnings in many contexts and modules for a better checking.

A few bugs have been fixed

Fixed in release 2.3

  • The not linked bolt are now generated only for compatible materials inside each class.
  • Fixed a small bug in the Thichness for material report.
  • Fixed the output of the warning number 45, take-off module.

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