Sumo5 – new update


Sumo5 – new update

 Release 2.0 patch 2 build 0

A new release of SUMO5 has been published. Some new features are briefly listed below; the full list of changes is available in the “What’s new” file, which can be downloaded from our support portal.

In this article we choose to introduce you to 4 main topics of the latest What’s New:

–       Take-off history – restore

–       Take-off history – grouping

–       Drawing sub detail – new fields

–       Measure of component cut calculated by a formula

Both dealing with the Material Take-Off, the first topic regards a new function added to restore a previous take-off version; users can now choose a version to be restored among those already existing into the take-off history.


The second new feature gives the possibility to group two or more historical take-off revisions; this function allows grouping the same components in order to calculate the maximum quantity among those belonging to the selected revisions.

This new revision, created with the grouping function, can be used when comparing documents.


Another new feature we would like you to know about regards the Drawing sub detail section. In particular, two new fields (“Measure A” and “Measure B”) have been added to let users insert the size of the two sides of the components of plate type. In order to make these measures standard, the “A” and “B” combinations can be entered into the “Base component measures” table.

Still in this section, the “formula” and “note” fields have been added; users can now calculate the quantity related to the base components by filling in the “formula” field (simply follow the same rules used for the formula calculating the quantities of the drawings components).

Moreover, a check function has been introduced into the menu to validate the formulas of the Drawing sub detail section.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at our website or log into our support portal.

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